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Jiacheng Steel Plate three-color printing production line officially put into production!

Company news
2017/12/14 08:36

The company's new three-color printing production line has been officially put into production!

Introduction to printing:

The working principle of the three-color printing machine is to first engrave the pattern grain of the product steel plate on the plate roller by laser engraving technology, and then transfer the special ink attached to the plate roller to the color coated steel plate through the transfer roller, and use Three different colors or lines of the printing machine where the plate roller is used for three-color overprinting, so as to obtain a high-grade color-coated steel plate for home appliances or decorative exterior walls with exquisite color patterns.

The printed steel plate produced by the company has good coloring property, formability, corrosion resistance and decoration property, and has high strength and easy processing property of the steel plate, and can be processed, such as punching, bending, deep drawing and welding, and is widely used. In the home appliances, automobiles, high-end building materials and other industries, is a high-end production materials.

Production specifications:

Thickness 0.12-0.6 Width 750-1250

Printing purposes:

Building: interior and exterior walls, roofs, partitions, ceilings, door heads, factory wall panels, kiosks, garages, ventilation ducts, etc.

Furniture: wardrobe, dining table, chair, coffee table, locker, file box, bookshelf, office cabinet, etc.

Door industry: rolling door, security door, garage door, interior door, door frame, window frame, etc.

Transportation: interior trim panels, train partitions and interior trim panels, ship compartments and interior trim panels.

Home appliances: refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, electric fans, lamps, solar water heaters, electric water heaters, etc.

Office: copy cabinets, vending machines, computer cases, switch cabinets, instrument cabinets, tool cabinets, elevator interiors, etc.

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