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Color coated board market development trend

Industry information
2018/07/17 08:44

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan for the Development of the Iron and Steel Industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Planning"), which was officially released and implemented recently, regards the improvement of the quality of steel products as one of the main objectives of the development of the steel industry during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, focusing on the development of high-strength steel plates. Put forward clear goals, cause high concern of steel companies and steel traders, explore the future development trend of domestic high-strength steel plate market and the market trend of plate market in 2012.

"Planning" pointed out in the "main objectives" that high-strength and high-toughness automotive steel with large import volume achieved large-scale production, and the domestic market share reached more than 90%; the self-sufficiency rate of high-end varieties such as marine corrosion-resistant steel and low-temperature pressure vessel plates Up to 80%; "Planning" proposes that the downstream industry mainly uses steel products to upgrade direction, among which the high-strength, earthquake-resistant and fire-resistant weather-resistant steel plates used in the construction industry need to be developed; the high-strength, low-alloy medium-thick plates required for the machinery industry are listed. Into the development of key development; focus on the development of high-quality corrosion-resistant shipboards for oil ships, low-temperature pressure vessel plates for large-scale liquefied natural gas (LNG) transport vessels and high-strength ship plates; High-strength automobile girders, over 780 MPa to 1500 MPa high-strength automotive panels, high-strength, ultra-high-strength cord steel; focus on the development of high-strength, thin-size home appliance steel plates required for the home appliance industry, promote the use of passivation or resistance Green-coated materials such as galvanized steel sheets, hot-dip galvanized chrome-free passivated sheets, chrome-free color-coated sheets, and environmentally-friendly coated sheets for electrical steel.

Judging from the policy orientation and specific targets of the development of high-strength steel plates proposed by the "Planning", the prospect of China's high-strength steel plate market is very broad in the next five years. According to the "Planning" for the "2015 key steel product consumption forecast", only the shipbuilding board increased from 13 million tons in 2010 to 16 million tons in 2015; the steel plate for high-pressure containers from 1 million tons in 2010, In 2015, it was 1.6 million tons; the consumption of cold-rolled and galvanized sheets for automobiles was 8.35 million tons in 2010, and increased to 14 million tons in 2015. The increase in consumption is very obvious.

In order to meet the key steel products needed for the development of downstream industries and strategic emerging industries, the “Planning” puts forward the “technical transformation focus” during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period of the steel industry, including high-strength and high-toughness automotive steel, high-strength mechanical steel, and low temperature. Pressure vessel panels, corrosion-resistant steel for the marine industry, high-performance oil and gas transmission pipeline steel, high-strength mechanical steel, marine engineering steel, oil and gas storage tank steel, etc., are listed. Steels such as nuclear island pressure vessel steel plates, high-quality corrosion-resistant ship plates for oil tankers, and high-strength and high-toughness automotive steels are the “technical innovation priorities” of the steel industry during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period.

According to industry analysts, with the rapid development of China's low-carbon economy, the downstream steel industry puts new demands on the material of steel, light weight, high strength, and strong toughness. Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly steel is the future development trend of the steel industry. Therefore, the market prospect of high-strength steel plates is very broad, and the potential market is quite huge. Taking the shipbuilding industry as an example, in marine steel, the consumption of sheet material is the largest, and its dosage accounts for more than 85% of the total steel, and the most is 502TEU ships, accounting for about 97%. The amount of Grade A plate in the steel plate accounts for more than 82% of the total steel plate consumption; while the 4700 DWT multi-purpose ship accounts for about 94%. The wide plate dosage of 2.5m and above increases with the increase of the ship's scale; the wide plate consumption of the 16500m3 LPG ship is 109.54 tons, accounting for 2.13% of the total steel plate; the wide plate consumption of the 5000DWT open bulk carrier is 2820.34 tons. About 32% of the total steel plate.

Relevant persons in the shipbuilding industry have pointed out that from the perspective of the development trend of the shipbuilding industry, the demand for high-strength steel sheets continues to grow due to an obvious characteristic of steel demand. From the perspective of the order structure of hand-held ships at the end of 2010 in China, among the ships delivered in 2011-2012, bulk carriers and containers accounted for more than 80%. At the same time, due to the implementation of new international standards and new regulations, the ship type for energy conservation and emission reduction was affected. Welcome, this requires the hull to be lighter, and the best way to achieve the hull lighter is to use a large number of high-strength boards, so the demand for high-strength boards maintains a strong growth momentum.

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