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Jiacheng company quality inspection department was established!

Company news
2015/10/28 08:37

Congratulations on the establishment of the quality inspection department of our company

In 2015, under the strong leadership of our company's board of directors, through the close cooperation of various departments, with the continuous development and progress of the new production line. Our company has achieved good results. Recently, our company's new quality inspection department will strive to be quality-oriented throughout the company. Everyone pays attention to quality, ensures the manufacture of sophisticated products, meets the requirements of standards, provides quality services, meets customer requirements, and continuously improves to ensure that unqualified products are not shipped.

The quality inspection department of our company is mainly responsible for the following tasks:

1. Responsible for the establishment, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the company's quality management system to ensure the implementation of the company's quality policy and the realization of quality objectives.

2. Responsible for organizing the inspection of the company's product quality, and organizing the inspection and testing of the incoming goods, production processes and final products.

3. Review and dispose of the non-conforming products that occurred during the production process.

Product quality and safety As a long-term unremitting work, only the quality of good quality products can withstand the test of the market. As a department serving production and serving products, the QC Department provides a strong escort for the rapid development of our company.

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